218: DARING to Shoot Film

May 4, 2022

Episode Summary with Kristine Herman & Ash Baumgartner

Welcome back to Dare to Develop. Today Kristine and Ashley are discussing the ins and outs of film photography. We’ll cover why to shoot film – and why we personally choose to shoot film both personally and professionally. We’ll talk about what we love about film, and ultimately how you too can get started shooting film – for fun or for work. Tune in on your favorite podcast app or the link below.

Kristine Herman & Ash Baumgartner Dare You

We dare you to try! If you’ve been thinking about shooting film for awhile now, please pick up a simple camera – a 35mm like our parents would photograph us with, or even a disposable camera. Test it out. Experiment. And Practice. And invest in some education!

Resource Links

Kristine Herman’s Beginner’s Guide to Film Blog 

Kristine Herman’s Beginner’s Guide to Film Course

Kristine Herman’s Website

Kristine Herman’s Film Education

Kristine Herman’s Instagram

Ash Baumgartner’s Website

Ash Baumgartner’s Instagram

Ash Baumgartner’s Education 

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