002: DARING to Develop Yourself & DEVELOPING Your Legacy Through Albums with Shaun Austin Gordon of KISS Books

April 16, 2020


The road to success for any entrepreneur is hardly ever a straight line and few people know that better than our guest today, Shaun Austin Gordon of KISS Books. You’ll hear Shaun talk about the different business ventures he took on while searching for his “I’m meant to do this moment”. 

We were so inspired by Shaun’s take on developing community and how that was vital to his success with KISS books. We also talked about productivity, overcoming fear, and showing up for ourselves and others. 

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Look at yourself in the mirror and say “Who am I? What is the gift of who I am and what do I want to be in my life?” then you can take that and evolve that. Also who do I dare to be in my business? Dream big, make it so big, a vision is something that you write down and it should be massive. Like this is crazy. And then you just, want to have that.

And then put a date. I want to do this in the next two months and then just break it down and that’s how vision works. An example is like who do you want to be as a parent if you have kids. Who do I want to be as like in my marriage? Who do I want to be as a friend? You can break it down to all different areas of your life.


What is your favorite tool in business?

What is your favorite snack?

  • I fly Delta and I love it. I’m on the road a ton, and so when I do grab a snack, it typically is the Biscoff cookie, coffee.

What is your favorite pump-up jam?

  • If I’m doing a talk on mindset. I typically listen to “It is Well with My Soul”. That really preps me for it. It gets me emotional, but if I’m really trying to get pumped up, I love Candy Paint. 

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

  • I love playing tennis. I’ll play a couple hours a day, four to six times a week, as part of my fitness.

What’s the best education / book / podcast that you’ve learned from? 

What is one daring leap you’ve taken in your business or your life?

  • Choosing to live in the light, to be known, to be authentic, to be honest as much as possible. Daring to be authentic. 

What’s one thing you feel like you’re great at in your business?

  • I think just being a visionary is really what I’m called to do and, and I’m falling in love with it.

Where can people find you and your business online?

Do you have any special announcements / offers for our listeners?

  • Yes, we would like to do $100 off of our starter kit. Visit https://shop.kiss.us/product/sample_kit and use the code “daretokiss” at checkout! You get an album credit, the fabric swatches, a sample book of page types, a styling mat, and all of the KISS tools for creating, making, selling, and promoting their luxury albums.



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