223: DEVELOPING at a Film Lab – Behind the Scenes at Photovision with Emily and Ashley

June 15, 2022


We’re so excited to welcome Emily and Ashley from Photovision film lab today. These two are the marketing managers and dip their toes in all the different aspects of running a film lab.

We’ll hear all the ins and outs that come with processing film. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your film in between you sending it and getting it back, you won’t want to miss today’s interview.


I have like a two-fold challenge. Look at what personal projects you have in the back of your head that you keep putting off that you haven’t done. I’m talking to myself here too. Explore the personal project, work it out, get it done, do it. Then, incorporated into that, try a new style, try a new film stock, try a different lighting situation, just experiment. And don’t forget to communicate with your lab.


What do you shoot with?

  • Emily: So I actually have a Pentax SpotMatic that I got from my grandpa. I think he bought it right after World War II or sometime around there and now I have it. So it’s special.
  • Ashley: I shoot with a Pentax. That’s my medium format. And Nikon N&D for my 35, although I really want the Nikon F100 because it’s a dream and I am a cool kid now and just got a point and shoot

What’s your favorite snack?

  • Emily: Iced Coffee
  • Ashley: Lots of coffee.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of your business?  

  • Emily: Such a Pacific Northwest answer: I love camping with my kids and hiking with my kids. So we like to go tent camping, or sometimes we stay in yurts. 
  • Ashley: I love spending Saturday going on hikes and going to wineries. That’s pretty much my favorite thing.

What’s the best education you’ve learned from?  

  • Emily: I don’t know if it’s necessarily a manual or a workbook. But kind of going back to my strengths and writing, there’s actually an author who was really instrumental to me and helped me realize I was a writer and that author is Annie Dillard.
  • Ashley: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, it’s all about throwing your creativity and finding your artistic self again.

What is one thing you feel like you’re really great at in your business? 

  • Emily: So my strengths are definitely in writing and ideas. I think two words I use to describe myself are wordsmith and visionary. I like exploring new ideas, thinking of new ideas, trying new ideas…
  • Ashley: I really like video editing and storytelling and getting people to feel things.

Mostly educational materials, really fun to write and put together. I really enjoy it.

Where can our listeners find you?

Do you have any announcements/offers for our guests today? 

I think if anyone is looking for some good film education, head on over to our website under the education tab, we also have a newsletter. Anyone wants to sign up or we share helpful info, not just from us, but other resources that we think people would really enjoy.

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