224: DARING to Use Your Business to Build Personal Wealth with Erinn Bridgman

June 22, 2022


We’re so excited to have Erinn Bridgman with us. Erinn is a money and business coach for creatives. She’s going to talk all about daring to use your business to build personal wealth which is something that I feel a lot of wedding creatives can definitely use.

Money can be a hard topic for creatives to make a plan for in your business, but Erinn is going to break down so many great ways to break through that mindset. Stay tuned for so much good information.


Create one specific money goal that you can achieve in the next 60 days and have it be specific.


What’s your favorite tool in business? 

My Money Matrix System obviously is one of my favorites because it’s what I preach. But,

I love Audible. I really believe in consuming really helpful content and books. And then this stage of my life, I can’t just sit and read. 

I love having Audible in the mornings when I’m getting ready to listen and consume really good content that genius people put all their life’s work into books that costs us $15. We should read more. 

What is your favorite thing to do outside of your business? 

I love my boat. We have a family lake house in Northern Michigan. It’s my favorite place.

What’s the best education you’ve learned from?  

I would say my community. The people I surround myself with and being really intentional about that. I’ve learned so much by having my community be one that sharpens me and helps me show up at the next. I love that.

What is one daring leap you’ve taken in your business?

Last year I completely shut down when I was scaling because I wasn’t in alignment and my intuition. I had completely abandoned something that I put tens of thousands of dollars into, and I was creating these funnels and ads and hiring these strategists. I stopped and I shut down because I needed to figure out what is really aligned. 

Which has helped me move into this space now scary, but like such hard, beautiful work to do.Never abandon your intuition.

What is one thing you feel like you’re really great at in your business? 

Helping people understand complex things, like money making it really approachable and asking really good questions, and holding space for people in that. 

Do you have any announcements/offers for our guests today? 

I know we talked about this, but I want to share The Wealthy Woman Workshop. It’s a training and it helps you really tackle the things that we’ve talked about today.

How you can think and plan and like a wealthy woman. And so it’s completely free. It’s video training’s, worksheets, and really, really amazing content.

Where can our listeners find you?

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