021: DEVELOPING a Community through Styled Shoots with DANIELLE POFF of THE POFFS

July 16, 2020


Today, we’re welcoming Danielle Poff of The Poffs, which is a husband and wife photography and cinematography team in the San Francisco Bay Area. Danielle talks to us all about her daring leap to using film, maximizing styled shoots to expand your portfolio,your community, and so much more. 

Also, Danielle was actually Kristine’s photographer for her wedding in Italy, which makes today a little extra exciting. 


Go out there and meet one new wedding friend because it really could be life changing for your business and they could be your new best friend. They could be the person that refers you to tons of weddings for 2021.


What do you shoot with: 

I shoot with a Contax 645, and Sony for digital.

What’s your favorite post wedding snack? 

My husband and I both love gas station snacks. He’ll grab a Red Bull and I’ll grab a Reese’s. 

What’s your favorite wedding/creative pump up jam?

I only listen to rap music basically. I feel like actually on the way to weddings we’ll have the radio on, but I honestly blast it on the way home. Because it’s like you leave the dance party and you’re like “wait, I’m still having fun”.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of your business?

I love being home with Fisher and Adam. But other than that, we’ve been renovating our house for a year and a half and I’m Mom/Lifestyle blogging.

What is one daring the leap you’ve taken in your business?

Making the jump to shooting with film because it was just so scary after being so comfortable shooting digital for so many years and just the unknown. When you can’t see your photos and you have to wait weeks to get those film scans back. I think that was a real big leap I made, but it was so beneficial and really paid off.

What is one thing you feel like you are great at in your business?

I’m good at social media and connecting with people. I feel like when a lot of clients email me, they already know so much about me. Like, they’ll mention my dog or my baby or how they were watching our home renovation or that I love rap music. I think I’m just good at having those personal connections with people. 

Where can our listeners find you?

Website: http://the-poffs.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepoffs/