219: DEVELOPING a Personal Project to Feed Your Creativity with SARAH CARPENTER

May 11, 2022


Today on Dare to Develop, we’re chatting with Sarah Carpenter, a Pacific Northwest photographer who is widely known for her beautiful portrait work especially with ballerinas. We are chatting with Sarah today about personal projects and how having those has helped her grow her business and help in other aspects of life as well. We can’t wait to dive in! 


Definitely choose a project that has nothing to do with your business and go for it. And find how it changes you.


What do you shoot with? 

So I’m shooting on my Contax 645. I also have my new baby, my Sony Alpha 1. So I’m very, very excited to be working on that more often now.

What’s your favorite pre/post wedding snack? 

I’m starting to try to eat better to fuel my body more. So more often than not, I’m trying to eat something like a Go Macro bar or some celery with peanut butter. Something that is going to give me the energy to get through the whole day. But on my own home from a shoot, I’m typically wanting fries. 

What’s your favorite creative pump-up jam? 

I’m kind of weird and I have to have different playlists. I have playlists for all of my different things that I do. It’s a hodgepodge, but right now I’ve been really obsessing over Coldplay Parachutes, which is one of their older albums, but

It has been getting me really inspired lately.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of your business? 

I have a lot of interests. I’ve been learning how to sew, which is very exciting. I just made a Tutu for my daughter which was a chore and a task, but I really enjoyed it.

I also love watching movies and series that are thought provoking. When I’m not burned out on it, I do love to cook and to bake and to make things for my family. I just love being outdoors. I love winter sports skiing, or mostly chasing my daughter with a camera while she skis.

What’s the best education you’ve learned from? 

I would have to say that Range by David Epstein is my favorite right now, just because it like blew the door open for such a, a different perspective on how we learn and how we succeed. And it’s in complete opposition to the 10,000 hour rule. Very intriguing. 

What is one daring leap you’ve taken in your business? 

Quitting weddings and trying to go straight into doing features and editorial portraits for magazines. 

What is one thing you feel like you’re really great at in your business? 

I’m pretty good at talking with my subjects. I make them feel like they can be themself in front of a camera and then grabbing that emotion and those little transitional moments. 

Where can our listeners find you?

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