028: DEVELOPING & Fostering Community in New Markets with CASSIE VALENTE

September 4, 2020

Today we’re welcoming Cassie of Cassie Valente photography onto the podcast. We’ll hear from her about how she developed community in a completely new area after moving across the nation. Even more than creating community, Cassie tells us how her community helps each other move forward in their businesses.  

We hope you take Cassie’s dare reach out to someone (virtually) and get to know about them. And what better way to reach out than joining the Dare to Developers Facebook group!


To go out today and find someone, preferably online virtually at this time and just send them a genuine message of acknowledgment. Just tell them how much you love their work, what it is about it. Spread some kindness today in the world.


What do you shoot with?

For all my digital work, I photograph on a Sony A7iii. And then on film, I photograph with a Contax 645

What’s your favorite post-wedding or event snack?

I love grabbing an In N’ Out Burger on the way home.

What’s your favorite wedding/creative pump up jam?

Someone once described my music tastes to me as a really sassy YouTube makeup blogger. It’s lot of really bad remixes of top 40 music.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of your business?

I love cooking and I really love detective fiction specifically, like in the public domain.

What is one daring the leap you’ve taken in your business?

Probably the cross country move from Atlanta to San Francisco. But one of my favorite personal daring leaps was deciding to go backpacking in Europe, on my own, which is something that my mom still doesn’t know I did.

What is one thing you feel like you’re really great at in your business?

I’m really good at bringing the best version of myself to my client celebrations and their weddings.

Where can our listeners find you?

Website: https://cassievalente.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cassievalentephoto/

Do you have any special announcements / offers for our listeners?

In light of everything happening, I’m currently offering free 45-minute discovery calls with anybody interested in pursuing mentorship or business coaching. or anybody who just wants to talk in general. Please reach out to me via email at info@cassievalente.com