206: DEVELOPING and Fostering an Inclusive Wedding Business

December 13, 2021


We are so excited to introduce you to Ryan Greenleaf and we are going to talk about inclusivity, why it’s important, and how to reflect that in your business. Ryan has plenty of actionable steps that you can take to make your business more inclusive. 


I dare you to edit your website copy if you don’t have any inclusivity statements in there. I also dare you to update your portfolio to reflect more inclusivity.


What do you shoot with? 

I shoot with 2 Canon R6s

What’s your favorite post-wedding or event snack? 

That totally depends. Sometimes it’s In N’ Out on the way home o just Taco Bell. it can also sometimes be the cake from the wedding. It totally varies, but usually, it’s like a quick little fast food situation.

What’s your favorite wedding/creative pump-up jam? 

Britney Spears is always my go-to. If you know me, then you know my love of Britney. I’ve got some TikTok dances of Britney in there. I’m not going to shout that out but find me if you want. But Brittany, for sure.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of your business? 

I would say travel. Especially because of the pandemic, we haven’t got to do a lot of that. I recently went to Hawaii and it was probably the longest plane ride that I’ve been on for two years. It was just really fun and it reignited my spark for the love of traveling. So I’m like “okay, when can I go to Europe?” 

What’s the best education you’ve gotten? 

There’s a lot of people in the industry that I look up to where I’ve gone to their talks. I’ve joined educational groups and masterminds, things like that.

Just to keep on top of trends or how to build better relationships with your clients how to photograph. Better how to up-level yourself. I always take into consideration my education at a school because I got a degree in photography.

What is one daring leap you’ve taken in your business? 

One daring leap that I’ve taken in my business is signing a three-year lease on a photo studio. That was a dream. What photography does want to have their own photo studio?!

What is one thing you feel like you’re really great at in your business? 

I never thought that waiting tables for so long would prepare me for really anything in life, but being able to interact with people and make people feel comfortable in front of the camera. I like to make members of the wedding party feel comfortable too and let them know they’re doing a great job. 

Where can our listeners find you?


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