220: DEVELOPING a Luxury Hair and Makeup Artistry Business with SHANI GAILBREATH

May 18, 2022


We are so excited to introduce you to Shani Gailbreath of Canvas & Coif. Shani is talking about her journey with beauty services and how she’s evolved her business to cater to high-end clientele. 

Shani has some fantastic takeaways on how you can shoot your shot in business and create some amazing opportunities for yourself by just putting yourself out there. 

Bring your notebook friends, there are a lot of good things here.


I dare you to raise your prices to a number that scares the shit out of you. Truly. Like, if you think nobody’s going to book this, then that’s the rate that you need to raise it to.


What’s your favorite tool in business? Skincare. My favorite personal tool is sunscreen though, because it protects and it makes your skin so dewey and pretty. 

What’s your favorite pre/post wedding snack? Taco bell after the wedding. I need to eat breakfast, but I’m awful about it. So my breakfast is always coffee and then more coffee and then more coffee. And then after I’m like “give me a burrito now”.

What’s your favorite creative pump-up jam? Ape Shit by Beyonce and Jay Z. I love that song. It gets me hyped.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of your business? Lay in my bed and scroll TikTok mindlessly. I also love to travel. I love to zone out and numb outl and . I’ve been traveling a lot over the last few months, going to the beach. The beach is my happy place.

What’s the best education you’ve learned from? E3.(Educate Empower Encourage) Oh my gosh.I can’t sing its praises enough like that. It’s just been life-changing. 

What is one daring leap you’ve taken in your business? My husband quit his job of several years to go full-time student. At the same time, I rebranded and said no, a lot to barn weddings and to unideal clients.

And I was turning away money at a time where we no longer had second income coming in. That was really scary and that was really hard, but it has paid off very well. 

What is one thing you feel like you’re really great at in your business? 

I think that calming presence. I’m a mom,people look at me and see I’m a mom or a nurturer. I’m also very sarcastic and can be a smart ass. I like to make people laugh. I think just trying to make people feel comfortable Is something that I’m really good at.

Where can our listeners find you?

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