027: DEVELOPING Workflows and Automations for Your Business with KATI ROSADO

September 1, 2020

Today we’re welcoming Kati of Kati Rosado Photography. We’ll chat all about workflows, templates, and automation and why your business needs them. You’re also going to be so inspired by Kati’s daring leap to leave the nursing field and put 110% into her photography business. 


Just be kind right now. With everything going on in our world, we just need a little bit more kindness. Whether that’s in your business, your personal life, when you’re given two options and you have a fork in your path, choose to be kind.


What do you shoot with?

The main camera I shoot with is the CONTAX 645, and then the Canon 5D MarkIV. The main lens I keep on it, 99% of the time is the, just the Canon 50mm. 

What’s your favorite post-wedding or event snack?

Taco Bell, gotta get that shredded chicken burrito and Baja Blast!

What’s your favorite wedding/creative pump up jam?

Beyonce, Especially the Homecoming album. I love it. If you haven’t seen the movie on Netflix, it’s so good, but the album is incredible.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of your business?

I love cooking. Baking is a big thing and just like hanging with my husband and my dog and my friends.

What is one daring the leap you’ve taken in your business?

It definitely has to be quitting my nursing job. Removing this safety net out from under me is gonna push me. I’ve always given a hundred percent, but I’m going to have to give 110%. 

What is one thing you feel like you’re really great at in your business?

Just treating people like humans. Finding that common ground with your clients and just that, that similar sense of humanity with them.

And just treating them like people. They are your clients and I respect people who keep that level of professionalism. And I do think we need to keep a level of professionalism there. I’m not best friends with my clients by any means. But just treating them like people, and just remembering that you are documenting their story. You’re more than just taking pretty photos for them.

Where can our listeners find you?

Website: http://katirosado.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katirosado/

Do you have any special announcements/offers for our listeners?

As I mentioned earlier, I created an education platform and I will be offering a discount code to Dare to Develop, use the code DARE for 20% off. 


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