035: DARING to Focus on the Beauty of Imperfection with KEANNA O’QUINN of HONEY + VINYL

November 18, 2020


Today we’re welcoming Keanna, the founder of Honey + Vinyl, a luxury wedding band and musical experience that focuses on every aspect of the event and really caters to what the sound should be for pivotal moments on a wedding day.

We love Keanna’s take on perfection, or rather, embracing the imperfections. As creatives, we strive for perfection, but that is just not possible 100% of the time. Keanna talks about giving ourselves and our teams a little bit of grace and leaning into the lessons that come from the imperfect. 


I would like to dare the listeners to have the courage, to be imperfect, to embrace it, to lean into it. Because it’s a reflection of vulnerability and has the power to completely transform your artistry.


What’s your favorite business tool?: Google drive. It’s where I put all of my setlists and it helps me to stay really organized, and communicate with my musicians in a way that’s really streamlined because we also use Google calendar and just attach it. 

What’s your favorite post-wedding snack?:  I am a sucker for McDonald’s fries.

What’s your favorite pump-up jam?: It’s usually one of two things. A majority of the time, I’m listening to music before I perform and brushing up on whatever it is I have to perform. Other times, I don’t like to hear anything before or immediately after I perform. I love quiet.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of your business? I love my family. I love my friends. I just like to chill. I’m a homebody, to be honest. I also love to go for a good walk and I love hiking.

What is one daring leap you’ve taken in your business?  I wrote a children’s book and took pre-orders and we are nearly sold out. I’ve sold almost 500 books. I’m completely in awe.

What is one thing you’re great at in your business:  I’m a great leader. I’m good at incorporating people’s perspectives and opinions and not thinking that I know for sure the way to go. I trust my team to have input. I’m okay with leading from behind. 

Do you have any special offers for our listeners today?: We have just a few books left, and I have a special pricing on there. When we replenish our inventory, it’ll go up to $19.99. But right now we have a special price of $13.66. So go to honeychildbooks.com. And get a book for your loved ones. 

Where can our listeners find you?

Website: https://www.honeyandvinylmusic.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/honeyandvinyl/