205: DEVELOPING an Art of Hospitality and Service with REBECCA ROSE EVENTS

November 24, 2021


Today on Dare to Develop, we welcome Becca and Betsy of Rebecca Rose Events. They are a destination wedding planning, design, and production firm that produces weddings all over the world. Becca and Betsy talk about what true hospitality is which they learned from their respective hospitality backgrounds and also how we can bring that to a wedding day.


  • Betsy: I want to dare the listeners to both create and experience moments of delightful happiness. At the end of the day, we want our clients to be delightfully happy, but we also want the vendors  to be happy so we can create and cultivate relationships. All of that starts with the core of who we are and how to bring that service.
  • Becca: I would encourage and dare everyone to revisit every step in your process and ask yourself the question, if you’ve made it as effortless and as enjoyable as possible for your clients and for the people in the industry you work alongside with.


What’s your favorite tool in business?

  • Betsy: Apple Notes. So, that has been a game changer for us. We have iMac computers, laptops we’re on the road. Our phones are Apple products. 
  • Becca: Apple Notes but I would also say Trello and Dropbox. We depend on those so heavily. I can’t imagine doing this without Dropbox. Apple Notes is such a game changer because we can communicate, we can share notes with the team. I can take notes on site, looking at a tent site, taking notes that then will just appear on my computer back in the office or on my laptop, in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. And it’s just that ability to be so in sync as a game-changer.

What’s your favorite post-wedding or event snack?

  • Betsy: When we’re on a destination, oftentimes we’ll rent a big VRBO house where we can cook meals and everyone takes turns making something awesome. But we’ll end up with a whole boatload of leftovers. When we come home at like two o’clock in the morning, we empty out the fridge and it’s every version of weird that shouldn’t be paired together.
  • Becca: I feel like for me, it’s like the next day brunch. I love omelets and extra crispy, shredded hash Browns. Or like a great egg scramble with just like everything, but the kitchen sink thrown into it. 

What’s your favorite wedding/creative pump up jam?

  • Betsy: I’m an EDM dance music junkie because that’s my hype. I listen to it all day. I love fast paced music and that’s what really makes me happy. 
  • Becca: I am the polar opposite of that. It certainly depends on what’s happening, but if I am in the process of working on design or at my computer at my desk, I want something like Sara Bareilles or like maybe even classical music or like Broadway. When I’m in the studio or I’m in the workshop or we’re in some destination and I’m working on flowers, it’s Lady Gaga or like a big power ballad. 

What is your favorite thing to do outside of your business? 

  • Betsy: My Saturday tradition when we don’t have a wedding or events is going to the farmer’s market the minute they open at 8:30. I love finding local ingredients and meeting the people who are growing the items and just coming up with really fun and creative things in the kitchen.

Food and beverage cooking at home, those all bring me deep joy. But I also really love riding my bike and cycling outside. I also have a group of girlfriends that I walk with every single Sunday, if it’s not a wedding weekend and we just gossip for five miles.

  • Becca: I have two daughters. Two little girls, Piper and Riley who are five and almost three. Outside of work, I am going to be committed to doing whatever it is that we can do together. Sometimes that’s baking chocolate chip pancakes or feeding turtles at the pond or picking flowers together, or building towers with magnet tiles.

What’s the best education you’ve gotten? 

  • Betsy: My friend launched a podcast called Two Bottles Deep. It’s a conversation about bridging the gay and straight communities. This has been such a good education for me because they have had a lot of conversations around the transgendered community. And it’s been such a great insight into how I can help be a better ally and just educate myself and learn more about something that I didn’t know that much about.
  • Becca: I’m loving Colin Cowie’s ‘s book that was just released called The Gold Standard, Giving Your Customers What They Didn’t Know They Wanted, which dovetails quite nicely with this whole conversation.

    Anyone in this industry should read it. There is no one on earth with a better command of just the essence and importance of exceptional hospitality than Colin Cowie. It’s really good and it will captivate you from the very first page in the forward. 

What is one daring leap you’ve taken in your business?

  • Betsy: This is something I’m still working on so I can’t say that it’s a full leap. But I’m beginning to shift some of my decision making process from what makes money to what brings happiness.

    This is a hard pivot with a lot of background in corporate that was deeply ingrained about P and L’s and chasing the bottom line. Ultimately, we want to provide a meaningful living for us and for our employees in doing this very hard work. But it’s not all about the money. It’s about what brings us happiness and sometimes that happiness is saying no to something. 
  • Becca: It is really hard to isolate one because I feel like there’ve been a lot of daring leaps like taking on a business partner was an enormous one. Hiring employees every time we’ve done that has been an enormous one.

    Every time we signed a lease. They’re all daring and kind of scary on some level, but you know, risk is exciting and it’s a necessary part of the entrepreneurial journey. 

What is one thing you feel like you’re really great at in your business? 

  • Betsy: For me, it’s building and nurturing relationships. That’s both with our clients and our vendor partners. I’m the kind of person who picks up the phone or who will meet you for coffee. So those deep relationships is where I think I really Excel
  • Becca: This is going to sound like an odd one, but I’m able to deliver some tough love to and help people understand what they really need when they can’t see the forest through the trees. And that happens with our clients. It happens with our team. It happens with anybody. I’m good at finding that balance to be able to have really hard conversations like that. 

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